Arrival at Davis Station


I’ve finally arrived at Davis Station in Antarctica! Our 12 day voyage turned into a 22 day epic as we attempted to navigate our way through incredibly thick sea ice. I will endeavour to post the entries that I wrote while I was on the Aurora Australis in the coming days but the internet is a little slow while everyone catches up on three weeks of emails so bear with me. I promise the photos will be worth it!


5 responses to “Arrival at Davis Station

    • No sea sickness this time. I took my medication a day in advance so I was fine. Very thankful I didn’t get sick. Its pretty horrible to be sea sick for days. The sea was definitely rough for a few days!

  1. What were the entertainment options on the boat? 22 days seems like a long time to be at sea! I would’ve loved it, I think:). Was it warm in the boat? And have you taken any craft projects with you?

    • Good questions! I have written a post all about the social aspects of the trip, which I will post in the coming days. Got a few more posts on our trip down that I wrote while I was on the boat.
      Yep, I have a cross stitch to start and a bunch of yarn to start a crochet blanket. There’s quite a few of us girls who have brought down knitting/crochet so I expect we’ll start a stitch ‘n bitch night soon :).

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