Antarctic Emergency


A helicopter crashed and nobody died.

Let me just repeat that for you.

A helicopter with three occupants crashed on a crevassed ice shelf in Antarctica… and nobody died.

Everything about that sentence is extraordinary. The fact that no one was even critically injured is a miracle.

I won’t go into the details of what happened because that is not for me to comment on here. But I will say that the search and rescue operation that was run from here was incredible. They had everyone home and safe within 24hrs. None of this would have happened if it wasn’t for the extraordinary efforts of the occupants of the second helicopter, our Canadian pilots in both aircraft, the comms operators, weather forecasters, the search and rescue team, our doctor and her lay-medical team, our station leader who kept it all together and everyone on station who did whatever was needed to support the operation.

Its been a tough few days for everyone as we have come to terms with what happened on the weekend. Everyone deals with traumatic experiences in different ways and it has been great to see that the support network of our friendships here has really helped everyone affected. How the accident will affect the remainder of the summer season here at Davis is yet to be established but we will no doubt find out in the next few days. Once the medivac is complete we’re hopeful that we will be able to get back into to swing of things again with the knowledge that three of our friends are safe and sound back in Australia and their injuries are being looked after.

I just need to say it one more time.

A helicopter crashed and none of our friends died.



5 responses to “Antarctic Emergency

  1. Sounds like a huge and efficient effort from all those involved in the rescue, awesome.
    How many people down at the station will it affect? One of our housemates friends, Bianca, is apparently possibly not going to return for an extra two months!

    • If its the Bianca I know who is here she will be home pretty soon :).
      Time will tell what happens with everyone but it will definitely affect every single person on station in some way.

  2. Thank goodness for that. I have been worried for you all and there seemed to be a blackout on updates once the initial report was made. Take care of each other and I hope those injured people are making a good and swift recovery. It is extraordinary that everyone survived such a horrendous accident, their angels were on their shoulders.

    • Yeah I will. Been a bit all over the place this last week so looking forward to getting back into some more ‘typical’ days now that most of our aviation is sorted.

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