Homeward Bound


Just a quick post to say that I boarded the Aurora Australis last night and hopefully very soon we will pull up anchor and sail in either the direction of Mawson Station or Hobart. We’re just waiting on that decision to be made right now. I have had an incredible season here at Davis Station and I hope to finally have some time to write a little bit more about some of my experiences while I am on the ship. I’ve also got a heap of photos that need sorting and I will be sure to upload more when I get back onto the internet in Hobart.

It was sad to say goodbye to my wintering friends and I hope that they have an incredible winter at Davis. I look forward to hearing their stories when they return. I have a few more weeks with my summer friends and will no doubt be very sad to say goodbye to them. I know for sure that some of us will keep in touch, even though we live in different cities. I also very much look forward to seeing my friends and family and can’t wait to get home and catch up with you all.

Until then, it was great meeting you Davis, I hope to back be back next summer to do all of the work I missed out on this season.



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